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Year 2013


Meetings & Events Attended


25/11-26/11-2013 IQPC International Conference – Ignition Systems

Invited speaker and Workshop Coordinator

The International Conference, explored among others:

  • Gain insight into the newest developments in ignition systems for gasoline engines to achieve the strict targets of upcoming European emission legislation (presented by Mr V. CHRYSAFIDIS)

  • Take advantage of modeling of modulated capacity discharge ignition systems through the latest advances in engine simulation

  • Discuss the latest update on emission legislation for gasoline engines and its influence on ignition systems

  • Explore the potential of Advanced Corona Ignition System (ACIS) and discuss the results of internal performance testing

  • Gain insight into low temperature plasma ignition with dual functions of SI strengthening and HCCI control


20-11-2013 CleanER-D Event

Presentation of intermediate result of the 3 yrs programme, funded by Industry and EU, with the objective of confirming the possibility of implementation of stricter and cleaner Stage IIIB compliant engines in rail and locomotive applications.


6-11-2013 Green Shipping – Norway House - Brussels

  • Presentation of developments and implementation efforts of the use of LNG in shipping,

  • Analysis of best practices in Industry-State-Ship owners, on financial and collaboration schemes, in promoting LNG, by introducing disseminating and further development of innovative measures and partnerships, turning such investments to standard and sustainable practices.


10-2013 Open Days – EU Commission

Analysis, presentations, legislation and implementation measures, best practices, collaborations, EU funding schemes, clusters creations, etc. on EU policy, actions and Member States collaboration and action for sustainable, environmentally friendly development.

After authorization by EU, as standard practice, the workshops authorized to follow were:

  • 'Involvement of SMEs in European Territorial Cooperation: How to deal with State aid and intellectual property rights in the context of ETC projects?'


  • 'Sharing Methodologies on Financial Engineering for Enterprises'

Date: 08/10/2013

  • 'Local and intermediate authorities’ territorial cooperation – towards a successful united Europe 2020'

Date: 09/10/2013

  • 'Water as a crucial resource: synergies and sustainable perspectives''

Date: 09/10/2013

  • 'Towards Good Governance - Enhancing institutional capacity and an efficient public administration with support from European Structural Instruments'

Date: 10/10/2013


07-10-2013 EU Awards at European Parliament

The European Projects Association (EPA) presented its awards of excelence in EU project management, focused on innovative information and communication technologies, as distinctive characteristics of leading cooperation networks.


30/9-1/10-2013 CommNett Bio-economy Forum

Forum, discussing issues related to bioeconomy, actions and implications of measures in place and planned for the future, under the more general title 'Global Challenges and the Bioeconomy – part of the solution or part of the problem? A Communication Case'

Some of the issues analyzed, included:

  • Food Security – the bio-economy trilemma between food-feed-fuels.

  • Plant Genetics – a world saver against hunger and climate threats Prof. Heribert Hirt.

  • OCEANs – Is there still potential for blue growth with littered and polluted seas?


2-7-2013 Vrije Universiteit Brussel- Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences and Solvay Business School-Department MOSI - Transport and Logistics - Research group MOBI - Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre


Presentations of Project Members of their applicable solutions and experiences on a new, sustainable freight delivery system, towards reducing CO2 emissions, noise and citizens burden, increasing timely cost effectiveness, etc., by using delivery differentiated scheduling, new technologies and alternative transport modes and involved vehicles.


1-7-2013 Vrije Universiteit Brussel- Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences and Solvay Business School-Department MOSI - Transport and Logistics - Mobility,Logistics and Automotive Technology Research CentreEnvironmental Performance of Electric Vehicles

The interesting Workshop presented experiences on:

  • Environmental performance of electric vehicles, a life cycle system approach

  • Electrifying cars:the economic potential of electric vehicles


26/6-28/6-2013 3rd IQPC International Conference – Off-Highway Engines

     Invited Speaker

The International Conference, explored among others:

  • EU NRMM Legislation and next steps (Presented by Mr. V. CHRYSFAFIDIS)

  • Learn about EU legislation on NRMM, the next steps & industry reaction

  • Gain insight into the new STEYR Motors 2-Cylinder diesel engine

  • Explore latest approaches to improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions of off-road diesel engines

  • Find out about electric energy recovery to better define results of prototype testing

  • Discover the potential of NOx after treatment systems in light of Tier 4 final and Stage IV legislation


24/6-28/6-2013 Energy Week – Various Events

Various events, presentations, workshops on promotion of sustainable energy production, use, dissemination of best practices, from EU organizations, Trade Associations, citizens initiatives, etc..


4/7-7/7-2013 Green Week – Various Events

The Week's topics revolved around air quality, pollutants emissions sources, methods of their reductions, etc.

The selected participation included the issues:

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

  • Major pollutant sources and source identification

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

  • How do we monitor the quality of air in the EU?

  • Air quality, energy and climate change

  • Air quality and agriculture in the EU

  • All homework completed? The future of vehicle emissions regulation

Thursday, June 06, 2013

  • Science & evidence-based environmental policy making

  • Clean fuels for clean air

  • Air quality & innovation

  • New ways in governance to help cities improve air quality

Friday, June 07, 2013

  • Closing session: How do we ensure Clean Air for All?


29/5-30/5-2013 EUROSTAT week

Organized by EUROSTAT and EU Commission, this conference explored the 'Accounting Standards' and mainly:

  • SESSION 1: The political context – sovereign debt crisis, economic governance, transparency and trust in fiscal data

  • SESSION 2: Fiscal transparency and public accounting

  • SESSION 3: Suitability of IPSAS and national experiences of reforms

  • SESSION 4: Accounting standards, governance, the way forward


16/4-17/4-2013 IEE Islands - Save Energy – PROMISE project

At this conference the results of the PROMISE project were presented. PROMISE promotes energy efficient behavior among households of some of Europe’s remote islands. Sharing information and experience, energy agencies from Samsø, Iceland, Rhodes and Tenerife aims to promote tried-and tested methods for reducing the energy consumption of households.


27-3-2013 Belgian Ministry of Commerce - Round Table – Lobbying


This lunch round table, organized by the Foreign Trade & Investment Service of the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region, intended to bring together interested parties in promoting their products and services in exhibitions and fairs, in Belgium and Internationally, by using assistance from the Belgian Ministry, via tools explained and analyzed.

  • Overview of Ministrie's activities and presentation of export subsidies that may be available to various sectors

  • Testimonials

  • Presentation of the 2013 activities relevant to your sector.


7-3-2013 Eco-labeling at Pump Industry

The Workshop intended to shed light to the newest EU ECO-Labeling regulatory developments and their importance on the pumps sector. Among others were discussed:

  • Eco-design regulations: what is the reasoning behind them? What are the challenges ahead?

  • Eco-pump work by Europump : how the concepts of “house of efficiency” and “Extended Product Approach” were developed and what they meant for eco-design developments


5-3-2013 ELO – Agriculture - 6th Forum for the Future of Agriculture

This annual Forum for the Future of Agriculture and of the European Landowners' Organization (ELO) and Syngenta, the future of agriculture was debated from a European, analyzing the perspective and where the main challenges of the sector could be addressed, discussed and agreed.

The Forum focused on the food and environmental security agenda, across the European region and the future of Agriculture


14-2-2013 DG ENTR – NRMM Consultation Discussion meeting

At this meeting the results of the relevant public consultation (ending April 2013) were presented. In the following discussion positions, comments, opinions and further actions were discussed, so DG ENTR would combine industry's interests and legislators proposals.


4/2-5/2-2013 Sustainable Mobility and Integrated Planning in Urban Areas: Trade Union Dialogue with Local Authorities - Second Laboratory (Two Day Workshop)

The initiative aims at bringing together experiences and perspectives from different trade union branches (e.g. the European Transport Workers Federation and the European Metalworkers/Industrial workers Federation), as well as the work already undertaken by trade union confederations at the national level, on sustainable urban mobility, at generating or feed the ongoing trade union debate on mobility questions, and to elaborate the key trade union demands at European level in this field, as well as identifying future strategic partnerships to achieve these demands.

The specific objectives of this laboratory are to:

 Identify current trends and collect policy options and industry best practices which a cting as triggers in sustainable urban mobility and job creation at local level in the EU
 Address social and ecological innovations necessary to secure a Just Transition for the workforce, in relation to sustainable urban mobility, as supported by EU and UN.

 Evaluate employment implications (challenges and potential) of sustainable urban mobility, both in terms of employment trends and quality of work

 Develop and promote an exchange of information and good practice, among trade unions and non-union actors on sustainable urban mobility policies, tools and measures

 Provide a basis for strategic partnerships on sustainable urban mobility at the European level.


23-1-2013 DG ENTR – PEMS Meeting

The meting was realized in order to provide the latest developments on the establishment of PEMS procedure in the NRMM. Various aspects were discussed, including the new, to be created, test cycle as the Heavy Duty Vehicles one is considered inappropriate for NRMM, different approaches on the issue, setting boundary conditions, work timetable, etc.



Contribution to Consultations


16-01-2013 Research Project: Impact assessment and the making of regulation in Europe: a comparative perspective”


Institution:Centre for Law, Economics and Society, UCL, Sondage Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA) "Etudes d'impact" , France





8-11-2013 INTEGER – International trends on NRMM

In this webinar, the main presentation covered international and European legislative aspects, the global market trends, the market analysis of various major OEMs, etc.


17-9-2013 CNG Fleet Maintenance

in this webinar maintenance needs, techniques, points of attention and relevant topics were discussed related to maintenance on CNG engines


30-8 to 5-9-2013 QUALCOM - Leadership - Management

In this webinar trends in leadership management were identified, analyzed and discussed.


3-4-2013 Covenant of Mayors Webinar (Co-organized by Greece and Cyprus)

The webinar aimed at providing assistance and present best practices and example software for the development of the own SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plan), funding schemes, etc.


27-3-2013 Covenant of Mayors

In the webinar best practices and award winning cases were presented in detail, providing assistance to the Municipalities adhered to the Covenant of Mayors and in their effort to formulate their own SEAPs.


2-2-2013 Covenant of Mayors – CoMo

In this webinar, funding possibilities, via formation of cooperation schemes among participant to the Covenant of Mayors initiative, were presented and explained in detail, The possibility attracted a lot of interest as it presented funding opportunities via resources that were not that well known, advertised, etc.