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Year 2015


Meetings & Events Attended


25/02/2015 Sustainable Thermal Energy Systems: the case of large heat pumps and district heating!

EHPA and Euroheat & Power



26/05/2015 Transatlantic Energy Security at a Crossroads. What to expect ahead of 2020?

Greek Energy Forum, EU Commission Lifelong Learning Programme



27/05/2015Policy Dinner (Personal Invitation): Bulldozers, diesel trains, lawn mowers, excavators, barges: How to clean them up

Organized by MEP Mr Seb Dance, Transport and Environment

EU Parliament, Brussels


03/06/2015 Circular economy and biowaste management. Local authorities experience in Europe EUP

The Greens, Life Programme

EU Parliament , Brussels


12/06/2015 Open Standards for ICT Procurement: Saving while reducing ICT lock-in

Price Water House Coopers (PWC)



16-19/06/2015 Energy Week – Multiple Events


15/06/2015 ‘Energising deltas - Worldwide opportunities’

European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, House of the Dutch Provinces


16/06/2015 Energy Efficiency First

Energy Week Secretariat


16/06/2015 25th Anniversary of FEDARENE & Roger Léron Award ceremony 2015

European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment (FEDARENE)


17/06/2015 From Isolation to Integration - Island Solution for Europe’s Energy Challenges

Scotland House Conference Centre


17/06/2015 Heating, cooling and ventilation: How to achieve the largest savings in buildings pursuing the EU's energy strategy

Energy Week Secretariat


18/06/2015 High Level Policy Session "District Energy in Cities: From EU Vision to Local Action through an Integrated Approach

Euro Heat & Power, UNEP



ORION, NEWAPP, Scotland House



24-25/06/2015 Conference - Islands towards smarter multilevel governance in their path to 2020

Committee of the Regions, Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme



02/07/2015 PUBLIC SECTOR ROUNDTABLE: Paving the way to accruals accounting in Europe: challenges and potential solutions for transition

Federation of European Accountants (FEE) and Banca Monte Paschi 



02/07/2015 eni after 6: discussing the potential of the Mediterranean region in fostering EU’s security of supply

Greek Energy Forum



08/07/2015 Energy and Geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean and Greece

Greek Energy Forum and The German Marshall Fund of the United States



14/09/2015 Policy Dinner (Personal Invitation): 'Don't Breath Here', Study presentation- Support - Discussion

Organized by MEPs Mr Seb Dance and Mrs Catherine Bearder, Transport and Environment

EU Parliament , Brussels




27/04/2015 BUILD UP Web seminar: Horizon 2020 call EE05 on deep renovation and market uptake

EU Commission, Executive Agency for SMEs


28/04/2015 Funding Public workshop on innovative financing for energy efficiency and renewables

EU Commission, Executive Agency for SMEs


30.04.2015 Investor Confidence Project Europe Webinar

Investor Confidence Project (ICP), a project of Environmental Defence Fund


10/06/2015 Drivetrain Experts of Fuel Efficiency


Heavy Duty Trucking, Meritor


30/06/2-15 Investors Confidence Project - Principles of the ICP scheme, results from early research on 

EU resources that can support ICP application at EU level, as well as a first draft on the non-domestic or Tertiary Protocols.

ICT Forum


29/09/2015 Covenant of Mayors webinar for Greece: Συλλογή Τοπικών Ενεργειακών Δεδομένων για τις Απογραφές Εκπομπών Αερίων του Θερμοκηπίου

Greek Office of Covenant of Mayors



Contribution to Surveys


05/05/2015 Biotrade2020+ survey on international biomass trade for energy