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Our Services are mainly - but not exclusively - addressing the following: 

REGULATION  EU 2016/1628 
 (Repealing Directive 97/68/EC -
(Non Road Mobile Machinery)
Studies & Consultation
EUProgrammes - Funding
Organization of Events  


EU Parliament Monitoring - Reporting (ENVI, TRAN, ITRE Committees Meetings)


REGULATION  EU 2016/1628

  • Reports, analysis, proposals, consultations, presentations on issues relevant to the Directive.

  • Sectoral analysis and consequent future developments/steps, business orientation.

  • Representation in relevant meetings, fora, etc..

Studies & Consultations

  • Feasibility studies.

  • SWOT analysis.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis.

  • Technology transfer and upgrade studies.

  • Field Research.

  • Environmental and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) studies.

  • Public and Industry Consultations (identification of target group, preparation & delivery of questionnaires,
    statistical analysis, reports and presentations, etc.).

- EU Programmes - Funding

  • Follow up of EU & National Research and Funding programs.

  • Consultation on EU and National funding opportunities.

  • Development, Management, Coordination of candidacies for participation in EU programs, efforts, initiatives, etc..

- EU Parliament Monitoring - Reporting

   Following the proceedings of EUP ENVI, TRAN, ITRE Committees meetings, provides the ability to render services of
   monitoring and reporting on relevant issues and enables us to follow any additional discussion or topic 
   upon request.

- Training

  • Training on technical issues.

  • Development of Training Material and Manuals on procedures and processes.


- Organization of Events

  • Meetings, Daily eventsConferences 

  • Workshops & Seminars


Feel free to contact us for any clarification or additional information.